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About ITEC

Under the ITEC programme, candidates nominated by the South Sudanese Government, are sent for training courses to various institutions in India, which is fully sponsored by the Government of India. The ITEC sponsored training programmes are mostly short-term (2 to 4 weeks) to medium term (8 to 12 weeks), though a few long term training programmes are also available (6 to 12 months). Under the ITEC programme, the trainees are provided with airfare, tuition fee, accommodation and living allowance by the Government of India. The ITEC programme is administered by the Ministry of External Affairs, India.

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How to Apply

  • 1. Please visit and fill up application online as per instruction provided in the ITEC application form. Digital photograph to be uploaded along with the Application.


2. After filling the form, please take a printout (Sample of the Application form, duly signed and send it to this Mission through the nominating Ministry/organization for further processing.

  • Before submitting it to this Mission, applicant may kindly ensure:

    1. A. All fields are filled up correctly.

    2. B. Uploaded Photograph should be clear and with light or white colour background.

    3. C. Medical report should be duly signed, with full details of the Doctor and applicant. (with Registration No. and email id of the Doctor)

    4. D. Part-II ‘authorized official of the Nominating Government/ Employer’ should be duly filled, signed and stamped.

    5. E. Enclosed copy of all relevant documents.

3. Applicant may have to undergo English Language proficiency test at the Embassy.

Who can apply


  • (i) Officials in Government, Public and Private Sectors, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, etc

  • (ii) Candidates should possess adequate work experience.

Eligibility criteria for admission to Courses


  • (i) Academic qualifications as laid down by the Institute for the Course concerned

  • (ii) Working knowledge of English required to follow the Course

  • (iii) Age between 25 to 45 years.

  • (iv) Medically fit to undertake the training.

General Information

    1. a. Applications should reach the Embassy of India Juba at least 3 months before the commencement of the Course.

    2. b. Upon selection, the Embassy of India, Juba will inform the nodal/designated Department/Agency of the nominating country and the candidate.

    3. c. Selected candidates are required to familiarize themselves fully with the living conditions in India and about the Institute through the Institute's website.

    4. d. Decision regarding acceptance of applications/nominations rests solely with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.


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