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 Important Advisory for Indian Nationals in South Sudan2330 hrs on July 13, 2016
1000 HRS 12 JULY, 2016

The relief flight must be treated like any other commercial flight and all security norms will have to be observed, including check-in time.  The first flight is through flight to Delhi, which pax, with Delhi as final destination will board.  The second flight will pass through Trivandrum, with final destination as Delhi.  

2. The ETA of the first flight is 1100 hrs.

3. The ETA of the second flight is 1400 hrs.

4. All baggage regulations, regarding safety of aircraft like sharp objects etc. must be observed. Please keep mobile in the bag. After baggage check, the mobiles must remain inside the bag, on silent mode.  Mobile phones must be used sparingly, to convey only essential information.

Strictly no photography by mobile or camera permitted, in order to avoid unnecessary attention from security agencies.

Following will be the time schedule:

(First flight) From Juba to Delhi

0900-1030 hrs Assembly, Immigration, Baggage and Body Check proceed to holding area

1100 hrs ETA of the first flight

1130 hrs Commence boarding

1200 hrs Boarding completed & depart

(Second flight) From Juba – New Delhi via Trivandrum

1230-1400 hrs Assembly, Immigration, Baggage and Body Check proceed to holding area

1400 ETA of the second flight

1430 hrs Commence Boarding

1500 hrs Boarding completed and depart

1000 HRS 13 JULY, 2016

The relief flight is expected to reach Juba around 1100 hrs on 14.07.2015. Check In follows.

i. Only Indian Nationals with valid Indian Travel Documents will be allowed boarding.

ii. Maximum baggage is 5 kgs inside the cabin. There is no check in baggage.

iii. Women and children will be accommodated on priority.

iv. The relief flight is only upto New Delhi. Travel to other destinations in India will have to be made by the individuals themselves.  

vi. If possible, kindly bring two copies of the first and last page of your passport.

1000 HRS 12 JULY, 2016

Government of India has made arrangements to evacuate all Indian nationals from Juba by special aircraft on July 14, 2016.

All Indian nationals are advised to get in touch with the Embassy of India in Juba immediately to avail this special facility on July 14, 2016 and obtain details of arrival and departure. Nationals should rest assured that additional flights will be pressed in service if required.

 Important Advisory for Indian Nationals in South Sudan
1000 hrs 11 July, 2016
Indian Nationals desirous of departing South Sudan may kindly register themselves at the following email ID , with the following details, preferably by 1300 hrs today:-
Destination in India-
Contact Number in South Sudan-
Contact Number in India-
Email ID-
It is important to have exact number of Indian nationals seeking facility of evacuation to make arrangements. Please be brief.
In case of absence of Internet, please text to +211955589611, +211925502025, +211956942720, +211955318587
Inform fellow nationals.

In the wake of yesterday evening’s unfortunate events in Juba, the Indian Embassy advises Indian nationals in Juba to take all possible precautions and avoid non-essential travel and movements during the next 48 hours.

In case of unavoidable travel, it is advisable to keep away from vicinity of the Presidential State House J1 area. Indian nationals are also advised to keep in regular touch with their fellow nationals as well as the Indian Embassy, the Indian Association of South Sudan (IASS) and Kerala Cultural Association in South Sudan (KCA).

Embassy contact numbers in case of emergency or for updates:

+211-925502025, +211-922000188, +211-922458007, +211-922458006

Indian Association Contact numbers

+211-977103690, +211-957103690

Kerala Cultural Association Contact numbers

+211-955017057, +211-959003333